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Klein ISD Outperforms State, Region in Redesigned STAAR Exams

Klein ISD Outperforms State, Region in Redesigned STAAR Exams

Klein, TX - Klein ISD’s results from the first round of the redesigned and more rigorous State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) exams have been released and indicate year-over-year academic gains, even in light of the fact that students had to answer more questions correctly in order to receive a passing score. These results showcase Klein ISD's steadfast commitment to educational excellence, with the district outperforming both the state and region.

Key Highlights:

  • Klein ISD performed at or above the state level in all 12 regular STAAR assessments. 
  • Due to increased rigor and a complete test rewrite by the Texas Education Agency, direct comparisons between 2022 and 2023 scores aren’t informative or comparative. Even still, Klein ISD saw gains in 10 regular assessment areas.

Klein ISD Superintendent Dr. Jenny McGown expressed immense pride in the district's achievements. 

"Our students and teachers have demonstrated unwavering determination in adapting to the numerous changes in the state's STAAR redesign,” Dr. McGown said. “Our goal is always to ensure every student learns at high levels, and we will continue to work in partnership with our parents to provide the support our students need to excel at their highest potential."

The 2023 STAAR redesign brought several changes, including administering tests almost exclusively online for all grade levels and increasing the rigor of all assessments. Despite these changes made by the state, Stacy Kindsfather, Klein ISD's Executive Director of Assessment, Accountability, and Research, confirmed that Klein ISD has continued to thrive.

"Klein ISD continues to outperform the state and the region in STAAR scores in nearly every subject and grade level,” Kindsfather said. “We are so proud of our Klein ISD students and teachers' hard work."

STAAR scores, which factor heavily into how the State rates schools and districts, are under extra scrutiny this year due to recent test changes and comments from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) highlighting the complexity of the state accountability system and STAAR scores. 

“Because of the Texas Education Agency’s new accountability rules, the Texas Education Agency itself says that it is possible that students may perform better in 2023 academically, yet their school and district could receive a lower rating than they did in 2022,” Chief Academic Officer Dr. Anthony Indelicato said. “Given the complexity of the State accountability system and the ever-changing rules that have yet to be finalized by TEA, we are unable to use 2023 results to predict our district and campus A-F accountability ratings at this time.”

Klein ISD recognizes the importance of continuous improvement, and all our teachers and staff are committed to using the results to identify areas of success and growth.

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